#EMPOWER | 01 JAN 2020,

Property innovation guru Yongyutt disrupts residential development - establishes SCOPE

Long-time property development innovator Yongyutt Chaipromprasith, who has been behind many of Thailand’s notable residential developments, announced the establishment of ‘SCOPE’, a disruptor residential property development company that focuses exclusively on the designing and building of top, international standard premium homes.

The founding of SCOPE marks the first entry into Thailand’s highly competitive residential property development sector of a new type of developer which is structured differently from traditional residential property developers to serve newly emerging needs. “SCOPE specialises in only building homes for the best-travelled, the most demanding, and those with he most refined international taste who seek homes where the design and build quality matches the very best available in New York or London.”

“SCOPE has teamed up with “consultants who are the best, from anywhere in the world,” including from Copenhagen, New York, London, and Milan.

We are pioneering the field of being a specialist developer for the highest, international quality residences with an unusual business model and a non-traditional corporate structure that have been designed to enable us to raise the standards of residential development even higher in Thailand. The consumer has changed. This new class of consumer no longer views luxury to be about the lavish use of expensive materials. They view luxury to be the ‘quality of thought’ that goes into excellence of design and the appropriate use of premium materials. For them, luxury is not ‘gold taps, and gold door handles’. They look for great design, clean and open simplicity, functionality, good taste, and searingly close attention to details. That’s why SCOPE has ramped up the spending on design fees to be around double the amount that would traditionally be allocated as a percentage of project costs. “We are also breaking the norm in terms of how we design our buildings,” Mr. Chaipromprasith , CEO.